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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spine Labels

Worked on a cart of books that needed new spine labels. Mrs. M had started them before we left last June, but I worked on finishing up that project today. Even though she had made changes to the program, turning the lower case to upper case, it didn't take and I had to call LMSS to find out how to get them redone. Had to 'edit' them by adding in a '1' and then save it, then go and 'edit' again and remove the '1' and then it would come out all upper case. Definitely a glitch in the system on that one. Went into the very back and all these carts that have been around, I found out that when the custodial staff waxed our floors in the back (which are so clean and shiney now they make me smile) they moved carts around, and not being sure of what goes where, they had put carts with books scattered around, and all the empty carts where I had the carts with books! So I put them all back where they belong. Did some repairs on books and will have to laminate some covers tomorrow of the ones that got new spine and barcode labels. Put out a few more of our new books on the new book shelves. Helped a few students with getting replacement books today - had a very happy mom after I sent her and her student to Bookbyte here in town to buy a replacement at a cheaper price than what we charge to replace. Also found out today that the district has finally decided to go after people that never paid for their book charges, back five or six years our bookkeeper said. Good! We have tens of thousands of dollars out at Sprague alone, hopefully they will have people pay up and not say 'oh, you are wrong, I turned those in.' One person has already said that our bookkeeper said! We look on the shelf, no books there that were attached to that person.

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