The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Welcome back! Started back today and worked mainly on reconfiguring the front desk area. Since Mrs. M was transferred, and there will only be Mrs. H and I, we reset all the front desk area to make it a little more accessible and to keep a better watch on the kids. We pulled and prodded, snaked electrical connections in and out of the modules and had it just about all set up when we left today. Took our box of mail and went through it all and gathered all the new magazines together for processing. Collected the old magazines and put them in the back along with some freebies that students can use to cut up for this year. Opened up some new boxes of books that came in and I set the new hardbacks on our new circulation shelf. Cleaned up the front desk where Mrs. M used to sit and made it my own. Took my computer into Mr. R because when I turned it on, absolutely nothing happened. He couldn't do anything with it either, so I used Mrs. M's for now, it has most of my stuff on it, so it can work. Turned in a heat ticket on it. Enjoyed seeing some of our teachers today and saying 'Hello!'

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