The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Mrs. M printed up all the overdue notices this morning so we worked together on getting them sorted. Looking up each student and their first period class for distribution tomorrow. We had 524 notices to do! Then I withdrew another cart of the 900's books we're surplusing. Ms. O came and took some books, then Mr. J. I sent out a staff wide e-mail for anyone else to come and partake of the book bounty. Better they go to teachers than the burn pile. I worked on my torch for the calendar. I had a student today come up and look at the calendar and say he was almost ready to cry since he'll be graduating on the 11th! Just a few days away! I got my review and Mr. W was very nice, bringing it down to me. I was looking for a motto or something for the bulletin board and found these four in the Olympian student handbook, set in the olympian rings with 'Olympians' in the fifth ring, worked out perfect for me and the four sided set up here.

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