The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boxing Up

Today I packed up all the 900's that were left, which were still quite a few. Mrs. M was gone today so I did a lot of money for print accounts. Helped students trying to copy, unjammed the printer. Worked with some more publishers. One set of books a teacher would like I had the hardest time tracking down the site, the books, the rep that would serve us! Seemed to take forever. An old student brought in books from several years ago and I checked them in. She still had two books out, so I sent her to Bookbyte for the others. Speaking of Bookbyte, I had another student who lost his America Pathways book bring in a replacement copy. It had what looked like a Sprague barcode on it, so I scanned it and it actually checked in under a different student who had been billed for it!?! Someone had turned it into Bookbyte for cash! So, I reprocessed it. Where's that rolling eyes smiley when you need it? Mrs. H checked in her DVD's and we were missing some since we had moved everything into her office. She gave me the names and I remembered one set of three and thought how I might have filed it - under the word ten, or the number 10, and there it was, still with our regular teacher materials. At least we found it! Checked in a lot of books today, the seniors are starting to drop off the excess!

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