The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ta Ta for Now!

So, work is all done for the summer! Came in to see a big truck backed up to the school doors and they had taken all our surplus books! Yeah! I cleaned up in the back today. The tracks on our telescoping shelving had lots of stuff that had gotten down in there, dust bunnies, in some cases dust dragons, so I vacumned all the tracks out, then swept and mopped back there. Then I helped Mrs. M and put labels on the backs of books, turned in my keys and badge, had our last lunch together. Checked in some books for students. Then I cleaned off the top of the shelving in the back and found four textbooks that had been just slid up there! I should have kept my Zombie Shelver poster up! Rearranged all the boxes together on just the front shelf instead of all over the place. Checked out some more books - lots to read over the summer! See you in late August!

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