The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Round 2

More painting today, Mrs. H brought in her sander and I did the first coat of the darkish green in the computer lab. It turned out pretty good, but we do need to do another coat. It went a lot quicker than the undercoat! Processed one teacher magazine, and one for the library. Did the usuals. The camerata orchestra came in today and played and that was lovely. Got a confirmation that we are getting shipped in the rest of our Duetsch Aktuell 3 workbooks. We only got in 10 and should have gotten 40. Worked on the Insignia program and trying to get down the reserve system. A kid I reserved a copy of Mockingjay for today, was pulled up before a student that has been waiting since November 5th. That's not right ~. We think we may have it, but we'll test it now to see. Did some more repairs. Found a World War II book for a student that was misshelved. I was so excited today! My son and daughter in law and granddaughter flew into Seattle today and will be home here tonight!

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