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Thursday, December 9, 2010

You're in my Parking Space!

It was pouring rain today when I came in and someone else had parked in my spot! I had to park way down by the trees and limp up to the front door :( I must admit, I sent some unkind thoughts to them during the day. Asked for more boxes from the cafeteria so we can get everything all packed up for the surplus pick up during winter break. Labeled the boxes I had used for packing up the Analysis V2 books we had gotten in (donated from another school). Since we never have used the current stash, I just boxed these up so they'll be there if we need them with the new math requirements. We talked about the withdrawn books and I repaired a couple of graphic novels and put them away. Our manga section was horribly misshelved, so I cleaned that up. I also talked with the students that are supposed to be working on those and we talked about making sure at least the series are all together and in order. I started working on the repair books we have in our 'don't put these out until repaired' pile. Just a mish mush of different issues. Checked out(3)/in(7); log-ins(2); print accounts(1); student assists(4) that I remember! But I did remember to pick up cookies from the home ec department after school today for my meeting tonight!

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