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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 Texts Out

Today I finished up covering the last of the Baker and Taylor order books that had come in. We had one that the spine split on, so hopefully we can send that one back. Worked on two America Pathways books, the only ones left on the shelf that are in poor shape, so I did some gluing and get them clamped for the night. Hopefully I can get them finished up before someone needs another one. Out of all those hundreds, only two left. wow. All because they decided to have the sophomore's also use that book this year instead of the civics book. Then I decided I really needed to clean out my 2 Textbooks Out folder. If a student loses track of a book, we will check them out a second one if they have the slip filled in with a parent consent (because books are expensive!). So, I had slips from back to 2008! I did find three out of part of the pile that were still on the books, but it was good to clear out the slips that had been taken care of, so hopefully I'll finish that up tomorrow!

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