The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Voice Command

So there was this kid in today who had his own little computer and was trying to get it to work on voice commands. I wanted to tell him to just go ahead and type! I don't think he got anything done on the paper at all since he was 'teaching' the computer to recognize his voice. Then he would give a command 'open document' and then wait. 'Control L' and wait again. 'Header' and wait again. Oh my! Checked out two class sets of Foundations of Algebra to Mr. O's class. Checked out a set of Understanding Movies to Mr. S. Processed our four magazines and put them out. Did individual checking out. Had a kid who was leaving and after he brought books in, I just had to go to the office to see if he was still there because his Biology book was in pretty poor shape. I wanted to show it to him and tell him I'd have to bill him, but he'd already left. Spent a good part of the day covering the new paperbacks. Still a lot to go!

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