The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Our new Outlook email is all on and we got in all our address books to add in, so I worked on that today. Getting used to it! Finished up the 2 Texts Out slips today and got that all cleared up and am very happy about it! Worked on some repairs, went through some of the piles of books I have laying around. Checked in and out a few things as well. Caught a student trying to get on Facebook, and when I told her not to do that (she was on an art pass from Mrs. T and said she had nothing else to do!) she then tried to get on Twitter. I told them to behave or go back to class, so they left. Also got a few other students that were down there without passes, so sent them back to class or to get a release card. Closed up the library at 2:30 and Mrs. H and I went to the Site Council meeting this afternoon and one of the most important things we did, I believe, was to decide we really need a fabulous volunteer to be a volunteer coordinator. Yep, I agree!

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