The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Round up the Angry Villagers

Sometimes I am just a geek. Not a techie geek but something a little more bookish. I so love Chi's Sweet Home which is a manga series all about a kitten named Chi - he is soooo cute! Mrs. M had them to cover and I totally took them from her and did them myself today and put them on our manga shelves. Yes, I know. I even showed some of the kids them. *happy sigh* On the other hand, today I processed in two teacher magazines and four for us. Packed up books that belong to West HS that we are done borrowing, withdrew them and sent them back to their home. Checked out a set of books to Mrs. S. Processed in Frankenstein books that came in and sent an email to the two teachers that wanted them. Mr. S wrote back saying he'd round up the angry villagers - I think he meant his students, it made me laugh! Had some parents come in with books to clear their daughter's account and neither of the books were hers. Makes me sad when that happens. Had a lady who will be using the library over the weekend for a group come in and I gave her information on where things were and showed her around a bit just before I left. *sigh, Chi is home*

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