The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So we went out today and the senior prank was to put '2013' in window paint on every car back window! I was happy that they didn't do it on my Miata, until I left to go home and they weren't certain I think about the back window, so they painted it on the front window! Today was a great check in day and we worked hard on getting the seniors the info they needed to graduate. We checked their accounts both in textbook and library to make sure they were clear. Put a lot of books away as well. OSHA received a complaint so a bunch of people were in testing around the school for asbestos! Good thing, I knew it was around but now it will all get taken care of from the bond work last summer. We found a student who had a book out from South HS and he thinks it's all fine, but I panicked and I knew that he'd be in for a bad surprise, so I emailed South and talked with bookkeepers and counselors, so I hope he finds the book and gets that taken care of. Off to clean off my window!

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