The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's a Wash

Brought home the last of the dirty rags we use to clean the library with and they are in my machine getting all clean! Moved books all over today. Got all the new Spanish books on the shelves, but old Spanish and Civics on carts in the back. Moved old Civics books too since we only use about two class sets to make room for more AP Gov and AP History books that we'd bought in the fall and have been on tables, etc. all year. Still have teacher resources on our Chemistry student edition list, so after I finished up doing status and numbers on the Chemistry books, I quick wrote up a list of the teacher resources ISBN numbers and the barcodes that went with them and sent that off to our textbook guy. It'll be good to have that all cleaned up. Got our table almost all unloaded in the back, took off the reading lit sets that no one wants to use anymore and put up the lit sets that people want to keep off the cart we had corraled them on. Things are getting put away and tidied up, always a good thing! I'll ship stuff out tomorrow, found a few more things and the books I didn't take last week. Mrs. H came in today and it was good to see her. She also talked with Mr. S about our computer labs for next year and how we will do them.

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