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Monday, June 3, 2013


Mrs. H was gone this morning and I was very busy with books and such. Got an email from one of our admins that he gave permission to waive a fine. A student had come to me claiming that her book was in a water damaged condition when we checked it out to her and I said, ah, no, if we had done that for any reason, we would have also attached a note to the book, so I billed her for the $131.96 the book cost. She went to the admin and told him the story and though he was nice about it, he decided since she was trustworthy, to excuse the fine. I got in a snit and marched the book over to his office and told him he could give her this $131 graduation present, handed him the book and marched back to the library. A few minutes he came down all lionish and ruffled telling me hadn't he supported me, and now I needed to support him. I asked had he even looked at the book or asked any of us about it before the decision was made, no. But he didn't see the book was unusable, since probably only about a seveneth of the book was in a very wrinkled state. I told him that it would mold,  you could really smell it, and after it did, we couldn't check it out to anyone else. I said I was done, and he marched off. *Sigh* he said it wasn't a question of who to believe, but that he's worked with this student and knows this student. Ah, no, but I waived the fine, let the bookkeeper know and copied him on it as well. Checked in a lot of books today and put them away. I like to try and get everything put away before I leave for the day. I did a few other things as well, and if I remember them, I'll stick them in!

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