The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Last Luncheon

Today we had our end of the year luncheon with all the other media assistants and librarians that could make it. It took a chunk of the day since we had to go up to Keizer, but always worth it! Got rid of two boxes of books and will ship the rest. Moved out all the poor/fair copies of the Fundamentals of College Physics books. Kept the nice good copies which made room for the the Conceptual Physics books we got in last fall. Also moved over the Essentials of Electronics from there since no one has been using them either into the Industrial Arts section. Started to clean out the Earth Science books, keeping a very nice stash for us and if they transfer them out, they can have the more used copies! Also noticed that out of our 120 Conceptual Physics books that we had as teacher sets, 18 of them did not come back home. I think the loss in case they don't return with the cost of the book - $80.47 with 10% S+H comes to over $1,500! I let our textbook admin and our principal know - with the fact that my monthly gross pay is just about that much. Only five days to go next week and we're done for the summer!

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