The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Awesome lunch today at one of our favorite places, Amadeus! They used to be just a couple of blocks from Sprague, but they've moved downtown, so we took the time and drove down, had the fabulous Potato Torta and came back to work. Yummm! Checked out teachers today and we're down to 1,502 books still checked out. Billing rolls out for the kids tonight, so we'll see how much money walked out the door tomorrow! Fines today were a little over $8,000 from the seniors. Contacted the other high schools and I'm taking over the books that we have from them for our end of the year luncheon tomorrow. Five boxes for four of the schools. I had to find them and then transfer the copies and then box them up. Cleaned up lots of little stuff along with getting the teachers taken care of. Had a big bruhaha over Earth Science books. We still have classes next year for that and they wanted to ship them all over the district. I told them if we kept 70 for our two class sets, that would only leave 135 to send to the four other schools. I guess that idea is on hold for the moment.

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