The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Oh my! Our little fridge has the worst case of icing I've ever seen! Cleaned it out today after my lunch and tried to chip at it, and decided it was a hopeless case. So, it's started to melt off and I took some old VHS tape cases (still in their wrappers!) propped up the front of the fridge, and hopefully all the water will stay down in the bottom until I get in tomorrow! I did put some towels up at the front, but hopefully they won't be needed. Renumbered shelves today and worked on getting an accurate count on the books for the Earth Science texts since they may be taking some of them off to other schools. Redid all the shelf signs for texts because I've gotten rid of so many, moved others, had arrows and write-ins... they were a mess! So, since next year I'll really have to rely on our aides, I thought I'd better get all those in shape. Sent out seven boxes of texts today back to their homes as well. Three hours to go!

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