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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A MonTuesday

Yeah, life has been crazy with my mom and busy with my granddaughters being here, so I forgot all about yesterday and almost forgot today. Spent a lot of time with the 500's and I'm sure I pulled at least half of all the books. I think we are just about all done, but the space on the shelves is massive! But that gives us more books to display so maybe students will check them out. Also added books to hopefully my summer list that will be ready and waiting when I come back next August. Took upstairs the fiction books I deleted for teachers to take from first, then I will let students choose. Started deleting the non-fiction books and was happy to see that my average age of the 500's went from 1999, to 2000! I gained a whole year in just 100 deleted books! We also had our science fair students do their presentations today for other students, their teachers and a panel of judges that came in especially to help them fine-tune their projects. I love it when that happens! We also had four classes in today to check in/out books. All in all, a great day in the library!

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