The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 3, 2017


Today was getting back in the groove! I had a ton of emails to troll through, and then we lost our shortcuts to the check out programs for both the library and textbook sides, so I had to go into the internet and type in their addresses so we could check out books this morning! We ended up doing it manually and then after I got everything up and running we entered them in. Luckily we had two techs in the building and they put my shortcuts back onto the desktops for the check out computers. Yeah! Had two classes in today checking in/out books. Took down my two displays from Ireland and Dr. Seuss. Put up a 'fairy tale' based book display then started crafting a castle for that. I got a backdrop and two turrets done! So hopefully I'll finish up tomorrow! Forgot that a teacher had sent me classes to 'Kercheski' math books too, so got two classes ready for tomorrow morning, then I'll have my aides work on the other periods tomorrow. The day just flew by, crazy! Glad to be back!

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