The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Finally home after another 12 hour day. I am glad to be here! A full day of school and then more conference hours. We had more parents tonight and more students in. Did more book fair business. Ended up at about $2000. A bit less than normal, but things had been slow. Not sure why. Worked on deleting more books today, and all in all pretty quiet in the library. Actually got to do some repairs to sit after gluing while we're gone and had a very happy student that I fixed a book so he could check it out and take it home! Had our OBOB meeting just during A lunch and had our one B lunch student switch to A lunch so they'd all be together. They worked really well together, so that made me very happy! After school was over we had a quick meeting in the library to talk about our Turn-Around award for a student who has really made decisions and actions that show they are very different than what they were in 6th grade. I really like the student we ended up picking. He deserves it, but really, they all do! After the meeting I pulled out all my boxes and started to put the books in them that were on the tables. So easy with the sheets the aides did for me! I knew exactly which book went in which box! At about 7 I ran outside and brought in all my signs from the rain and stacked them to dry while we're gone.I left the boxes open on the table until conferences ended at 7:30, so people could still shop, then got all the books nicely stacked inside, closed the carts, heaved all the boxes up on the carts, pulled them to the front of the library. Printed up the total report, put away the scanner and machine. Filled out the envelope for the credit slips and it came out perfectly with what the report said. Closed that all up in its box then got out the rest of the money and checks and got them all put away for the week. I made a big deposit yesterday, so there really wasn't a lot of cash left. Glad to be on break! I'm tired! Of course I brought home books to read. ;D We're back on April 3rd. See you then!

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