The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Had another snow day yesterday, so here we are at Tuesday already! I had my aides start to weed out the old books. I printed up a Least Circulated Items sheet, and gave that to the students telling them to pull any book that hadn't been checked out since 2011. They seemed to enjoy it and I'll still go through the carts once they're done and go through all of the books myself. Finished up checking out math books the 'Kercheski' method. My second period aides got it started, so I ended up checking up on them and then finishing their classes and doing the last class myself. I cleared off a cart that had all the VHS tapes on it and put them in boxes to start surplusing. Gave two book talks today as well! That was fun! Got my final budget notice, and I had $30.33 left in it for the year, so I quick did an order through our Central Stores for $30.25. Got my budget down to just 8 cents left! That is awesome! 

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