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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Voluntary Meeting

Today I went and attended a partial 'voluntary' meeting since our district will not fund meetings anymore this year because of projected shortfalls for the next biennium. Part of the meeting was paid, but we did cut it short because there were only three of the schools there out of eleven. We got to meet the new Library Media Assistant for Houck since the old one retires in just five working days! She looks very happy to be heading out to pasture and we really joked with her a lot. New rules for buying books. Talked about inventory. Talked about our aides. And we only ran about 15 minutes over our normal time (instead of an hour!). Got in our new math books. Hardcovers to replace the beat up vol. 1 & 2 paperbacks. They are quite the chunky book. More book fair today and took money up to the bookkeeper. Had the AVID group scheduled to come in tomorrow, but their presenter cancelled, so I said, hey, we had this great meeting with Derek at World Book online, want me to get ahold of him? Our IC was really excited and they wanted him to try and get out tomorrow, but he is on vacation with his granddaughters! So, not tomorrow, but I hope they come up with a time for him to come. Our students, especially our AVID students need him! Had to get into my Munis account and ended up sending a life ring to technology, but got in to see what kind of pay I had. Now I have my login and password in a file! Had two classes in today to check in/out books and watch the Scholastic preview video. Off to listen to some Jazz tonight!

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