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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

12 Hours And a Spider!

And a half for my lunch. Worked from 7:30am - 8pm tonight for conferences. Didn't do too much with the Book Fair. Had two classes in for a book talk and started the book fair video and Ms. R was like 'Pssstt, we've already seen that...' Oopps! So I quick did a talk on the brand new non-fiction we just got in. Herded students today as they came in to finish projects - well, some of them came in and did projects, some were there I think just to hang out. But they will have to show their teachers their work. Spent a lot of today finishing up weeding the fiction A - G section for this year's cull set. I have three carts of books that are no longer supporting their shelf space! Got two carts done and destroyed in the records, and one still in my office I need to check and destroy tomorrow. The shelves really do look good, like they've had a great haircut. As I took hold of the books I had brought into my office yesterday to start working on them, egads!!! A huge spider came out from between the books!!! It was huge!!! I quick ran to our sink and grabbed a paper towel to catch him, finally got him before he jumped off my office counter, and he started to climb out of the paper towel I thought I had squished him in, I dropped it on the floor and stomped all over him!!! Creepy!!! I did not want him loose in my office or anywhere else in my library!! Proof positive that those books needed to be weeded out if they were growing spiders that big behind them!! Back for another 12 hours tomorrow, but hopefully not with spiders!

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