The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Workbooks Done

I got all my Dr. Seuss books off the big tables and put them up on the table by the door. Good to see the great group I have! Had my two health teachers come in and take the HRM resources so they could look at them. Finished up the pile of Realidades 2 workbooks I've had on my desk I think from forever! They were the last bit of workbooks from the beginning of the year and I was ready to finish covering them and then barcodes went on and the ends numbered. That was a great relief to get those all done!! I had three piles of them and that really cleaned off my desk! Took my watercolor of the Camino in to hang in my office today. Love the way it looks. Makes me feel very peaceful. Other than getting the last of that big project done, at the end of the day I had about 20 students in the library when we had a Lockdown #1 called. That means we just keep the students in class (or in my case, the library), cover the windows and just kind of keep school going. I had to go around and check off from my list who was in and who wasn't, then email the names of all the students in to the office in case anyone was looking for them. We were all kept in the school until about half an hour after school was over. So I had enough time to shut down computers, close the blinds on the outside windows, lock all the doors and leave! See ya Monday!

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