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Monday, March 13, 2017

Early Arrival

Our book fair arrived today and it's a bit early, well, maybe not! We are not on until Wednesday, but I may open tomorrow! Got all the boxes down from the top of the carts. Had to (of course!!) open up all the carts to see the books!! Had two classes in today to do book talks - and I found the Scholastic Book Fair trailer so I ran that instead! They are all so quiet when they watch the trailers! Had two math classes Kercheski style (my aides did that). We moved tables around for the book fair, though I may still change them a bit. Sent out three packs of books to other schools. Had my aides go through all the boxes and put in inventory sheets on what books were in which boxes for when I have to load them up and send them back. Last time there was a note on the carts saying to be sure you send the carts back with the stuff that was loaded on them! I was like, ah, oh. I set up the back a bit today with all the little trinkety stuff. Had a fire drill today and I had about 10 extra kids in the library. We used to have slips to write names, so I ended up pulling out a Emergency procedure sheet to write down names for Mr. M. When we got back in I was sure to put some notebook paper in the sheet protected items we have to carry out with us. A bit rainy, but not too bad. Looking forward to our last book fair for this school year! Took in my other quilts I have here for my quilt book display. One of the teachers loved my books and took one home then asked today if I wanted it back! I told her no, she could just check it out. She really likes it and and is thinking of buying it! Picked up change from the bank on the way home and some lock-ties for hanging the sign up outside on the fence. Time for book fair!

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