The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Destroy the Weeds!

Today I finally took on my weeding hat and gloves and destroyed then deleted books that I had my aides pull back a week or so ago. I hate to do it, and I only pulled about 5 books from the fires, but my basic criteria was if it hadn't been checked out since 2011, it was time to go! I had my aides work on sharpie-ing out the barcodes and Leslie stamps and getting them ready to head up to the staff room to see if teachers want them for their own collections before I let the students at them, then the rest will go for projects or to that great pulp mill down in the industrial area. Did a bit better on the book fair today. Had three classes in to check in/out books. The library was a very busy place with teachers sending in students to complete work since they weren't doing anything in class. I pulled more books for weeding. Put check out stickers in all our beautiful new non-fiction books. I did yes, put away the rest of the math books I abandoned yesterday in the back room. Had to help a bunch of students with their internet accounts because all the 8th graders were selecting their classes for their 9th grade classes next year. Got in my last book fair restock (yeah!) and found one of our book fair books on the back shelf behind the book fair carts! And my aides even did shelving this morning and didn't see it! I think it had been missing for several days already! Gotta love my aides though! Their help has let me do a lot of things I normally wouldn't have any time for! Two long days coming up, we get Friday off, but have to make up the time by working 12 hours on Wednesday and Thursday with our conferences in the evening. They will be long days....

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