The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This would not connect at my mom's last night. I forgot to go ahead and use my phone. Le sigh. A good day back. Not too many emails. Had two classes in for book talks. So I had to prep for that since I didn't know about them until 1st period. Had classes in the computer lab all day. Mr. M came and said that the computers are all leaving this summer, so I won't have that responsibility anymore, but what to do with all that space?? I suggested couches, and he said no, they were all gotten rid of, but I knew another school had gotten some from the prison that were a fake leather, so no cloth to hold in, ewwww, kid stuffs. Some kind of maker space will probably be in there as well. Took the VHS's I had pulled earlier this year and withdrew them all, marked out the barcodes and took them up to the staff room to see if anyone wants them.

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