The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

By the Way

First thing this morning Mr. R came in asking if I could get him some Weather and Climate books for his classroom, I said sure, did he need them for 1st period? Yes! So I jumped right on to that and got them up to him before school started. It was quite the start to the day! I took out the castle/fantasy display taken down and put up all the rest of the new non-fiction I had just gotten in. Brought down the last cart of books down from the staff room to Ms. V so she could pick out books for the Read 180. We have more classes for next year, but no money to buy them books, so I'm trying to make sure  she gets to pick so those kids will have books. I only have two shelves of science books left to cross out their barcodes and Leslie stamps. Got my books all together for the book talks tomorrow. So happy about that. Still have students bringing me slips to be aides next year. One student had only checked out one book all year! So I questioned him and he said he reads at home a lot and loves fantasy, so I signed it for him. :)

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