The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Take a Child to Work Day

It was a really cool day at school. We did have a lot of missing students and the ones that were here got mega attention from teachers. Our Spanish teacher had classes in the computer lab and they were so funny! They were on a website, and one of them created a game for them, and they got so into it! So cute to see them getting so excited about learning. Made me feel good! Got all books put away today. I did some, my aides did more. Cleaned up my Perma-Bound orders. I had about 6 on that list and moved some, deleted others, so now I only have two lists I really want to keep. Got in my next new JLG books and already have sent them off to process. Got surplused books boxed up and ready to head to LMSS. I was hoping to do that tomorrow, but probably won't happen so I will plan on that next week. Helped the office with laminating today. Ms. A was making posters for Tuesday night and needed them laminated, so I got it on and started laminating while she was making the posters, we were right at the end of a roll, so I did about 3 posters, then had to change rolls to finish the rest. Then I had a job for a teacher. Had an aide put out flyers for the 2-a-week free audio books up around the school since that starts today. A busy, and well done day. Only a half day tomorrow! Grading and Staff Development! 

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