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Monday, December 8, 2008

Choir at the Elsinore

Yes, today I actually got a call from someone wanting to know about the Sprague choir appearing at the Elsinore on the 16th. I'm sure a wrong extension number was punched, but I went ahead and looked up the info for the lady, yes, 7:30, general admission, $7 adults, $5 students and seniors. She thanked me for helping her out even though I was in the library! So there's the information if you'd like to go as well. Another event is our German/ASL Concert on Wednesday night at 7:30, free! A student was practicing a song in German out in the corridor as I came in this morning and what a great voice! I actually didn't even roll up my window because I didn't want him going down the hall somewhere else to sing while I started work. Mr. J came by and I told him I was so impressed by the young fellow he said I ought to come, and I just may! Since I'm at it, the Sprague Orchestra is having their Winter Concert on Friday night the 12th at 7pm which I may also go to, they are just fabulous! Now, on to the work day! Wrote up an announcement for our holiday box of book titles and sent it off to Mrs. H for approval. Spent most of the day working on the repairs from Friday, doing extra gluing, tipping in pages, covering corners. I'm getting through the stack pretty well and am pleased that my piles in the workroom are receding. I have a whole line up sitting up on the counter being 'pressed' for tonight, another few with other gluing issues out on the other side of the file, a few I had to commit to the withdraw pile - just not worth the time though I'd love to see if I could make them work! Helped students get books, one wanted a book on cassette since it was the only item we had by R.A. Salvatore! I was surprised that we didn't have any books by him. I asked the student if he put in the titles in the suggestion box and he said he had. Yeah! Processed a magazine, answered e-mails, added Abraham Lincoln's DNA to the novel list and put a new sign on the shelf in the back room for it. Had another sub come in and sent her to work on our 'Least Circulated Items' list since no one else had anything for her. Helped a student look for a book on Columbine for Ms. O's class, the spot on the shelf was there, but no book and it should be in. Mrs. H took over and went searching for it. I left on time since I volunteer at my 'other library' the Salem Public Library on Monday afternoons.

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