The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sprague's Library Wish List

Began with processing some magazines today. There was a broken latch on one of the new covers and Ms. H will see about getting a new one. We also discussed some of the articles on diversity for her classes. There is an article on Michael J. Fox and Parkinson's; I also showed her another article on Steven Hawking and ALS - so she will use those. I finished the clean up of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and shelved the Abraham Lincoln's DNA. Emptied a box of books. Did assorted student requests, putting money in print accounts, looking up log-in numbers, checking in and out individual texts, adding in a new student, multi-tasking with frequent interruptions! Also contacted Mr. V about the new 'Teen Ink' magazine written for/by teens since he teaches creative writing. He thanked me for the info. Worked on the 'Sprague Wish List' box. Ms. H brought in wrapping paper, so I wrapped and made a sign, put out paper and pencils for kids to write on. Put up a bulletin board by the workroom door with the same wrapping paper letting the students know we were asking for titles and authors they thought we needed in the library. Since the paper had snowmen on it, I decorated it with 'snowman' titled books. I spent the end of the day working on repairing the Precalculus books. Toughest book yet, spined and hinged with duct tape - oh heavens no!

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