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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Talk About Repairing

December 5th: Before and after pic of Pre-

Today I worked on repairs all day, along with the usual student requests. The ASVAB was going on in the main library with a presentation and the viewers can see my desk and that may be a distraction, so I pull into the workroom. I start to teach my aide some of the basic book repair techniques I use. She puts Permacel tape around edges, and I have her reglue corners. The cardboard at the corners tends to wear out first. The covering goes, then the cardboard starts to 'flake' in layers. So, we gently put glue in the layers, then put waxed paper (the remains of the contact paper we've used to cover paperbacks)around the edge, then press the corner between boards with clamps on to press it. They will sit all weekend and be dried and just about good as new, perhaps better by Monday. We also have a one/on/one substitute come in and I tell her a few things about repairing since she has books at home and is interested in what I'm doing. I get through quite a few books and will check out them out on Monday.

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