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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rotary Lunch

Started today walking out with Mr. S to see a book in a car illegally parked, they needed to know whose book it was. A title, a number from the book and we get a name. I played our Winter Solstice CD today, one of our teachers walked by in the hall saying how nice it was and they were looking for some quiet music for the holidays and might get some by that label. Processed in a lot of magazines. We're getting lots of 2009 issues now, new dark blue strips for the spines. I had my aide clean up the spinner rack. Had all the aides clean tables before the lunch and one also did some major cleaning in the back from the painting days. The Rotary Club came in and had lunch delivered by Oly catering. There was enough left over that they offered us some leftovers for our lunch! Pasta with chicken and broccoli, Caesar salad, bread and some pie for dessert. That was a special treat. We also got to hear the acapella choir sing and that was even a better treat! Very nice! The library was closed from 11:30 to 1:00. I worked mostly in the back room while they were there. Worked on some more book repairs, checked out a class set of Fahrenheit 451. Got together another class set of those and of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Some individual students came in looking for things. Ran the front desk after Ms. J left. Got a student the library copy of Gardner's Art Through the Ages, helped some other students looking for comic/humor for speeches. The computers were reset over the weekend so talked to quite a few that they were back to their student ID number with a period at the end. Locked up the extra print money at the end of the day and backed up Trac-It. The Sprague Book Club is meeting at my house at 4:15, so I head home to bake some cookies quick before they arrive!

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