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Thursday, December 11, 2008


December 10th: Busy day. Some of the stacks of books heading for surplus are teetering about, so I spent a lot of the day repacking the boxes. They will hopefully be all gone by the time we get back from winter break. Most of the repacking were boxes that were done in teacher rooms as they did some cleaning out, but it was becoming a hazard. Just the right shove going by and some of the boxes may have fallen over - not a good situation. I also dug back into the old Russian texts that had been left and then covered up with other boxes to make sure they were packed correctly and ready to be picked up as well. Two boxes were not acceptable, and I repacked them into about four boxes! Boxes are not supposed to weigh over 50 pounds, so I try to be careful with the weight. For some reason, a Permabound box was all taped and sitting on top of the pile, and just because it was tugging at the old intuition, I decided to open it and found seven Calculus books! All checked in and all in good shape except for one. How in the world did they get there instead of on the shelf? They're where they should be now! I also worked on inventory with our novels, and checked out Merchant of Venice, Fahrenheit 451, Old Man and the Sea, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Journal of Finn Reardon and some Lord of the Flies. Came back to school at 7:30 for the English/ASL/German Concert. A lot of good laughs and some amazing student talent with lots of singing.

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