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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Out of the Apartment

Took today and finished covering all the Abraham Lincoln's DNA books. They needed to go to the head of the novel shelves which are full of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, but the top shelf was nearly empty. I checked the records and there should be books there. Ms. H said they were probably replaced, and no one ever withdrew the copies. So I worked on cleaning that up. Had a student come to me today and couldn't find some books her teacher sent her to look for. I asked if she knew how to do a search - they were non-fiction books and all she had were the names and the titles. So I explained about the call numbers and showed her how to look them up on the library search computers. We got in a set of books from the office Ms. W brought over. An apartment manager was cleaning out a unit and had about fifteen textbooks that were left behind. I checked in about nine for Sprague, then packed the other six in a box because they belonged to Crossler. I called the librarian at Crossler to let her know they were coming. I saw another one of my Nano kids and gave her a participant bookmark. Got an answer back from Dawnsign Press on the Level One DVD's so forwarded that to both Ms. H's. The cheapest they will do is $25.95 a DVD.

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