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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TGNiO Party

Brought in some of my holiday books for the display under that calendar, and finally had a couple of aides pull some of our collection of holiday books to display, and also to see if they could find them all! Christmas, Kwanza, Hannakah all together. Perhaps also a medieval book of holidays for the solstice. Processed a lot of magazines today, and the barcodes were coming out wrong. I showed Ms. H, and she didn't know what it was, so I called down to LMSS and one of the lovely ladies talked me through how to reset the configure code for our labels. Ms. H also asked me about the Signing Naturally replacement DVD we received. The signing teacher Ms. H, was so impressed by the 'upgrade' price, we went ahead and asked about possibly getting just the Level One DVD for 120 kids. The regular price for the DVD and workbook is something like $55, but we'd gotten the upgrade for $9.95. So I sent the email back with a query. We also received new magazines for the front desk, and a box of books for Ms. H to go through to see what we might like. We also talked about having a 'what book would I love to find in the Sprague library' wish box set up and perhaps have aides move it from room to room during the day. Checked out The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to students who hadn't been in the other day and some of The Hobbit. Swapped out textbooks for others. Got books for a new student. Put money in accounts. In the afternoon I had four brave Nano souls come to the 'Thank Goodness Nanowrimo is Over' Party. I presented them with a bookmark I designed, payment for their work (gold and silver chocolate coins) and we also used the document set up to print each of them a participant document. Three of them actually read from their works and we had a 'Word War' where they typed for 5 minutes and the one with the most words done won a prize from my set-up bag. I think they were very happy with what they'd done and another boy or two said next year they'd join in as well.

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