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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Orchestra Winter Concert

December 12th: CIS advisory is today and I play hostess to the sophomore class. The computers are really quick today and they get a lot of work done, personal information, their course planner and the 'My Plan' segment are all covered by most of them. I also let them know that they should feel welcome to come by during lunch or after school to complete any sections and I'm available to help out with any segment. After that, I play Dave Koz's Smooth Jazz Christmas CD. Lots of students coming by and asking for: money to put into print accounts, why isn't my computer letting me log on, what is my login number, how do you get it to print color pages, I need this book. One student was looking for Anne Rice and I showed him on the library search computer how he can look her up, see that we have two copies of the book he wanted and they are both checked out. Worked some more on inventory and finished the day working on repairs. I went back to the Precalculus books and pulled out books that need page tipping and other repairs that were checked in. Mr. S also comes by to let me know that he is bringing classes up on Monday for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight so I get those ready to go. I come back tonight and attend the Orchestra Winter Concert. The combined orchestra did a piece called 'Fantasy Echo' where some of them were on the stage, and the other section was in the aisle between the two seating areas. I've never seen that before! The Camerata was superb and so very talented, and many of the kids in orchestra not only have class, but come in before school for early bird classes. Wonderful committed addition to the many talented students here at Sprague.

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