The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Creating my own Utopia

Something one of our administrators used to say. So, I got my bookshelves moved today thanks to our wonderful wood shop students and was able to paint the wall it was on and moved my desk under the bulletin board. It'll be different, and backwards, but I will adapt! My book display shelf I'll put up a bit higher on to the bottom of the bulletin board and asked the wood shop to build me two 10x10x10 boxes to hold it up and it'll give me some space kind of like the old secretary desk slots and things to put stuff. Processed in ten teacher magazines, 22 for the library from what came in during winter break. Checked in a class set of the Algebra Connections V1 and out the V2. Checked in and out other students today, put money in print accounts and it looks as though the blue computer lab will be up and running tomorrow, so life'll be nearly back to normal. They are still working on the green lab, but hopefully it'll be working soon as well. Checked in some books we sent off to another school.

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