The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They Came

Today I mostly did repairs to the Prentice Hall Gold books. We also got in a box of math books from SMc that have all the Oregon standards for math that we had requested for Mr. O'C. He was very excited that they came in. I also sent out an e-mail to the middle school librarians to ask them what books they use and if they had any SMc books they weren't using, we would like to use them, or possibly any others that are around. We also got in a box of teacher resources that would hopefully have an audio CD of Great Expectations. It didn't. That book excerpt is no longer a part of that series. I e-mailed the rep for the company to see if he wants the materials back and to send us the mailing labels and pick up call if they do. I also e-mailed SMc and asked if they wanted their materials back and the appropriate shipping labels if they do. I had a student ask me to see her story she was working on last week and I said yes! It was a great story! I also brought in my camera so Mrs. H could take some pictures of the tables we have in the computer labs and then I downloaded all the pictures to her computer from that and from the cover making yesterday. I helped Ms. A pick out a new book for her class, so we picked Pay It Forward and she will read it over the weekend.

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