The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Reduction in Force. That was a reality in the room as we had our meeting today. We were told that there may be people that won't be here next fall. We are still working on ways to cut expenses, but there really is no room left in the budget. It will come down to people this next school year. The English Department cleaned out their office and brought it all in today, so I unloaded both cart fulls of teacher materials and sorted it all out. Kept some of it for us, the rest I made a list and sent it out to the other schools to see if anyone else needed some of these materials. I helped a student work on a table for her class project today and that felt really good to get it all set for her. She came to me several times and asked for help. The other computer lab got all set today, so we took all the rest of the chairs that were blocking some of the reference and got them in the lab and we are finally all cleared from all the work we've done and it looks nice. Processed in two magazines for the library, two for teachers.

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