The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Q books

I got all the reference books moved today and the oversize reference ready for a new spot! I got everything on the new shelves nicely and we will move the Short Story section over to where the reference ended and that will free up more shelving for the fiction books. We also want to move the biography section and Mrs. H and I figured out a new spot for that over by my side of the library. I also contacted one of the middle schools because a teacher brought in books that they were done with and since they had the school stamp on, I checked with them to see if they wanted them back, or if they were given to us. I worked the front desk today while Mrs. M went off to eat lunch and Mrs. H was gone and it was fun and very fast paced! I began to work the oversized books and edit their call numbers to start with a 'Q' instead of an 'R'. Processed in seven teacher magazines and five for the library. We got in quite a few books today from the first semester students dropping off books. A good thing.

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