The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, December 5, 2016

BeastMode - Again!

I got another BeastMode award today at work during the staff meeting! Oh my! At least he's fixed and looks much better than when I had him the last time! Ms. S gave him to me for running the book fair and that was really sweet of her! I covered the rest of the OBOB books today that I had in and put due date slips in them. Got a quote for the last of the books I need. Had issues with the copier, emailed our rep and sent her pictures of what was going on, ended up calling the service number, and then going ahead to have a service person come out since what needed to be done was not something I could just fix on my own. Had four classes of math books that needed to be done 'Kercheski' style. I did have my aides help with that a bit. Both lunches were able to use the library. Went through spell checkers to see which ones worked for Mrs. B. So I will check those out to her in the morning. Scored a volleyball game. Ran our poster machine for 26 different posters. The day was over before I knew it!

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