The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Verily a New Day

Did three booktalks today and got three students to check out our William Shakespeare's Star Wars books! It was much fun! Was going to pack up some Ancient World books, but the school that had them was like 'go ahead and keep them' so then I had to figure out how to cancel the transfer and couldn't so asked LMSS if they could and they went ahead and did it then told me how it was done. Had an incident today with four students who were sent down to write apology letters to their substitute yesterday and ended up finally taking them up to the Behavior Specialist. It was very sad. Did some laminating at the end of the day. Got in my three new Diary of a Wimpy Kid books!! So they can get checked out tomorrow!! The kids will be very excited. Not much else went on. Well, ok. It probably did, but it's late, I had a house full of people over for Bible Study and much too interested in getting food out and ready for them that now I can't remember all I did. Onward to a Friday!

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