The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I wanted to book talk 'The Incredible Journey', but our copy is so old, and the cover was in really bad shape, so I taped up the edges of the boards and redid the cover today, and I must say, I did a fine job on penciling in the top where the the edges had gotten torn. I don't think anyone but me would know where I patched in my black colored pencil drawing. Did some laminating after school. Got ALL!! The Spanish I workbooks covered, barcoded and ready to go today. Sent off the last of the Ancient World books we had borrowed from Judson. Sent a book back to a school and sent off a book to another school. Had four classes in to check out books for the break. All in all a very fulfilling day. After work I got to head over to Escape Fiction and pick up the last of our Battle of the Books books, so I'm glad those will be ready to check out! Noticed that the books I purchased from Scholastic are on the computer, so hopefully those new books will come in before Friday!! I can hope can't I??

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