The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Here are a couple of pics of my displays. I was sad that my battery candle was left on all weekend and is nearly dead now! So I put new batteries in my purse to put in him tomorrow! Had our copier guy come today and do a great job getting our copier back up and running. It still needs some parts, but at least it's working again! A very quiet day in the library, no classes in. Very few students. I went to the bathroom, and yes, we had a fire drill. I hadn't told my new aide where to go, so I rushed out, and she was gone from the library, I called all over for her and finally left, and there she was outside with some students that had been in there with a staff member. I was so glad she got herself out of there! I let her know where to go for the next one and made sure to tell my other new aide what and where to go! I got some repairs done. Withdrew a few books I just don't have the time to save. I'll get new Perma-Bound copies of them. Laminated today. Got to our last two boxes of Spanish workbooks to cover and barcode. I've put them off for long enough! Time to get them done and on the shelf in the back! Since our copier wasn't working I took three class sets of math books and did a spreadsheet on the names and numbers on them so my aides could do 'Kercheski' check outs on them. They got them almost all done, and I finished them off and took them to the teacher this afternoon after school. So funny, he was so intent on helping a student he didn't even see me put the first set of books in his room! A good day and ended with taking my mom to the winter orchestra concert tonight. They were fabulous!

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