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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Early Release and Snow Day!

Yesterday we had an early release, so the students got out about 12:30, and we left about an hour later because of the weather conditions. I did get all my Battle of the Books books covered and ready to check out though! Printed up another set of reviews for the binder I have. Started to work on covering the Spanish 2 workbooks. Did a Yammer conversation to see if anyone else wanted to have Ben Mikaelsen come to their school. Looked for two lost books for a student who claimed she had turned them both in last year and couldn't find them, and a student brought them in about half an hour later (where's that rolly eye smiley when you need it!). We had to stay until all the students were gone, then we were allowed to get home safely when we were ready. So we left!

They didn't wait for the morning to announce that schools would be closed, they announced it Wednesday night.

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