The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today the orchestra camerata came and played in the library to help prepare for their competition on Friday. They were amazing! What a gifted group of students! We had a group of students in working on the computers and one was supposed to be looking up a book by an american author, and really wasn't, so I suggested one to him. Got in some more magazine and textbook requests. Processed nine magazines for us, talked with one of our department heads on numbers of texts for next year, helped set up the library for the camerata concert. Talked with a book rep on getting some texts cheaper than their website showed. Then for the last time this year, we had to close up the library for AP testing. So I looked through books Mrs. H had her proctor student pull. She looked through them, and I did as well, I found some of our Charles A. Sprague collection in there! Then I repaired for the rest of the day. Had to turn in some students. Two of them were extremely rude during the camerata concert and when I asked them to be a bit quieter since they were being taped, they got very indignant, how ould they do their work if they weren't allowed to talk and why were we letting the orchestra in to play anyways? Oh my. Some others were gaming, so I turned in their names to their teacher.

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