The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Came in today and checked e-mails and saw a class wanted to come and get books so I got ready a class set of Fahrenheit 451 for them and checked them out. Processed a teacher magazine and one for us. Wrote a review for Scarlet and posted that. Finished up the May calendar. Two boxes were sitting on the workroom floor!! Yeah! New books! So I unpacked them and checked them all in. We didn't have the covers yet, but we did cover the few paperbacks that had come in. After that, the library closed for more AP Testing. So, we went into the back and began to repair books. I worked on the Chemcom books. I had asked Mr. W about them as they are really showing some wear and tear and they weren't replaced on the adoption the summer before last, so he asked us to recondtion about 100 of the stock we had. Since we had gotten in new blue tape, I worked on those for the rest of the day.

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