The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I was flying from the moment I stepped in today. Got ready two class sets of Hunger Games for Ms. A. Checked in two classes of Algebra 2 Volume 1 and checked out Algebra 2 Volume 2. Checked in some borrowed Antony & Cleopatra's from another school and some Brave New World's from a different school. Put money into print accounts, checked in/out a lot of individual students. Did some research for a teacher on magazines for her classes. I worked a lot on quotes for textbooks today. I talked with a rep from a company and we found a way to possibly save $500 for a teacher on some online access workbooks and found that if they are not used, we can use them next year. I also checked publishers and distributors on pricing, getting the best deal we can. I printed out the quotes and the orders, stapled them to the requests so the office manager has everything right in hand to order in July. I also talked with our used textbook rep since he came in today and may get a bigger deal on some extra books we need to supplement some current books.

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