The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Checked out a class set of Algebra 2 V2 books. One of the boys back in my lab had on a tartan today! He said he wasn't Scottish but was looking for a clan to belong to! Helped Mrs. M change the very overdue books to lost and to bill them. An Admin was looking for a girl in a pink parka and I looked around and there was a girl in a pink sweater so I gave her name to the Admin. I did a tech submit on two boys that were suspected of remotely turning off computers. Had to get the InFocus machine on for a teacher. Checked Channel One and it didn't record so I sent out an e-mail to let the teachers know. The camerata came in and played today. Processed in two magazines for us. The Channel One tech came in and I got all his information for him to check out on the TV's that won't turn on automatically. He will be back on the 29th to get them all fixed. Late this afternoon Mrs. H got a call that the teacher librarians for the K - 8 grades were all told that their jobs would probably be eliminated for next year. She was crying. Chances are, one of them will bump her out of her job. We are all quite shell shocked.

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